Ozi Utilities

This site hosts collection of utilities (well, one so far) for Ozi Explorer, a GPS/Mapping application of choice.

Ozi CE Index Track (ozi-index-track)

One place where OziCE is deficient comparing to desktop version is lack of "Index Map" feature. Of course, you can have load a large-scale low-detail map which can be called "index", but you don't get display of areas covered by your other maps on it. This utility tries to create work-alike of this last feature using only OziCE notions, namely track. So, it creates a special track consisting of collection of non-connected rectangular shapes - fortunately, this is possible. When you load this track, you get display pretty much as provided by desktop "Index Map". (One distinction is of course this track will remain visible even when you zoom in to another map.)

Once visible border of the map of your interest, you can load it as usual: tap at location within border to center arpund it and click/select from menu "Find Maps at Cursor".

ozi-index-track written in C#, in a .NET Compact Framework compatible subset, so same application (even binary) can be used both on PDA and desktop.


ozi-index-track requires .NET runtime to run: .NET 1.1 for desktop systems, .NET Compat Framework (aka .NET CF) 1.0 on PocketPC systems. .NET is a pretty commodity now, and many users have it already installed as part of other software setups/system upgrades (also, .NET CF 1.0 is in ROM of Windows Mobile 2003 devices). However, if you do not have runtime installed or experience problems running ozi-index-track (like crashes/exceptions during start), please install it from this page.


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